Shoppable Video player on your website

Increase purchase intention, retain leaving visitors and unlock awareness through an interactive video player on your website.

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How does it work?

Record a video

Record a video with any device and upload it to Shopicam.

Choose targeted pages and select display triggers.

For example you could record a video to show your product capabilities, styles, or promos .

Interactive content

Add interactive content to your videos (cards, buttons, etc.) at a specific position and time.

The popup videos attract peoples attention and retain leaving visitors, while interactive content converts your visitors into new leads and sales.


With only a few lines of code, embed a video to your website under 3 minutes.

Shopicam is compatible with all website builders and e-commerce platforms such as Wix, Shopify, Prestashop, Wordpress, and your custom site.

Use cases

Why should I use Shopicam?


Product video 📺

Show your product in a more authentic way on your website.

Attract people eyes with videos that popup, a great way to highlight your products and get people attention.

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Retain Leaving Visitors

Flash video 🤑

Make sure your customers don't leave your website, engage them with video!

Announce your latest deals and offers, offer a coupon code or suggest a related product.

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Client video 🧑‍💻

Share your testimonials with your site visitors.

Shopicam is a great way to show Social proof that your products and services are market leading. People trust video reviews 10-1 over written ones.

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What are the benefits of Shopicam?

Increased Purchase Intention

Today it is hard to engage your site visitors.

Thanks to Shopicam you can directly increase purchase intention through a simple video that is attention grabbing

Retain Leaving Visitors

Your visitor was about to leave your website, but they just saw a Shopicam video with a special offer.

After seeing your video the visitor is back engaged with your sales process.

Catch Your Visitors Eyes.

Just seeing someone talking is important, you can't just ignore it.

Whith Shopicam this is the same, and you create a strong link with your visitors because they cannot ignore you.